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Drug, Alcohol, and Paternity Testing
Today our streets have drugs on every corner and our children fall prey to drug use. We offer random testing for the teen with a problem or suspected problem. We hope you don't need the service, but if you do, we'll handle it with great care in a private setting. We offer discounts on instant result testing in 10 minutes. We also offer employee drug testing and paternity collections in our private office with child-friendly rooms. Visit us in Bryan, Texas, about 10 blocks north of University.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Paternity Testing

Flu Shots 
Urine Testing
80 Hr Alcohol Testing EGT
Hair Testing
Saliva Testing
Breath Alcohol Testing
Urine Results in 2-3 Days
Saliva Results in 10 Minutes

  • Confirmation Takes 1-2 Days

$25 Collection Fee
Pricing Starts at $400
Non-Invasive Procedure
Done with Cotton Swabs
Takes 20 Minutes to Complete

Mobile Onsite Drug Testing (Urinalysis)
Truly random screening. We test at your site, on your schedule.

Convenience. We do all the work and come to you.
No travel time. You and your employees are not wasting valuable time driving. Quicker results. We can give you results immediately, on-site.
All our staff are fully trained and certified. You can have confidence that your tests are performed both correctly and defensibly.

Contact us today at 979-823-9000 to set an appointment for confidential drug and paternity testing.